Our Transparently Low Fees

Compare our cash fee schedule with the Surgery Center of Oklahoma, a facility widely covered in the news media for its price transparency

Cash Fee Schedule

Procedure/Service CPT Code

Carpal tunnel injection  20526  $80 

Inject major joint                             20610  $64 

Inject intermediate joint                   20605

Inject major joint w/fluoroscopy *   20610 $141 

Inject intermed joint w/fluoroscopy *   20605 $146 

Sacroiliac joint27096 $180 

Epidural blood patch                    62273 $188 

Cervical epidural steroid injection 62310 $266 

Lumbar epidural steroid injection    

Interlaminar62311 $224 
Transforaminal64483 $246 

Spinal cord stimulator trial, 1 lead ** 63650 $462 

Occipital nerve block                64405 $109 

Cervical/thoracic facet joint, 1 level  64490 $213 

Lumbar facet joint, 1 level        64493 $193 

Stellate ganglion block64510 $140 

Initial Evaluation ***               99205 $214 

Intermediate level office visit      99213 $77 

IV sedation for procedure            99144 $36 

Synvisc One injection***                20610 $702 

Synvisc One injection w/fluoroscopy**** 20610 $787 

Euflexxa injection (3 injections)***    20610 $730 

Euflexxa injection w/fluoro (3 inj)****20610 $982 

Lumbar sympathetic block 3 levels   64520 $485 

*      Some joint injections require


**    Doesn't include hardware cost.

       Implants must be done at an ASC or


***  All Synvisc/Euflexxa patients must

       undergo an initial evaluation.

**** Fluoroscopy is recommended but not


If it is determined that your procedure can't be performed in the office, 
we can try to find you a facility that can accomodate your financial situation.

Compare our costs for insured patients

Sample savings for patients with high deductibles

Cost for CPT code 64510, Stellate Ganglion Block *

Ambulatory Surgery center:             $531 

Hospital Outpatient Department:      $826 

Office:                                             $221   

If you have a deductible balance in excess of these amounts you will save $190 vs the ASC, and $605 vs the HOPD.

If you have coinsurance of 60/40 out of pocket after the deductible is met, your out of pocket cost would be:

ASC      $212

HOPD    $330

Office    $88

In addition, we already have your information on file. You come in to the office as you would for any appointment. We'll probably have you in and out in the time it takes the facilities to get you registered and ready for your procedure. 

* Facility plus physician fees @ 2014 Medicare rates, sequester-adjusted, Locality 0441218. These cost projections are for illustration purposes only. Your actual costs may vary depending on your insurance policy and the contract we have with your insurance company.